Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dinner at the Blue Bayou on a Cool, November Night

Yesterday I took my girlfriend out to the Blue Bayou. We had an amazing dining experience.

The atmosphere at the Blue Bayou is incredibly unique. It is an indoor restaurant adjacent to the bayou scene at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Boats of guests constantly float by. It is always night time at the Blue Bayou. Lanterns float above your head and you sit down at a table lit with a single candle. Get ready to fall in love!

I ordered the Broiled Filet Mignon, medium rare. It was served with Au Gratin Potatoes and Seasoned Vegetables. The meat was very flavorful. I intentionally took smaller bites to prolong the experience. Katie even commented how rare it was for her to finish eating before me!

My meal: Broiled Filet Mignon ($43.99)
She ordered the Surf & Turf. A Pacific Northwest Lobster Tail and a smaller cut of the Filet Mignon (also medium rare, same as mine). She was kind enough to share a bite of the lobster with me. It was amazing. I have always loved seafood and will probably order the Surf & Turf for myself the next time I dine at the Blue Bayou.
Katie's meal: Surf & Turf ($45.99)
Our dessert was the Lava Cake (pictured below). The menu does not have their desserts listed on it, so you will have to ask your waiter/waitress for a description of each.
Our dessert: Lava Cake ($8.99)

After we ate we walked around New Orleans and rode The Haunted Mansion. We then were able to view Fantasmic! As I write this the next morning, I am still full from dinner last night. It was a great experience at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Blue Bayou Menu

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Don't Judge a Blogger by his Blog

We all do it. But I've realized that we shouldn't. Recently I encountered a couple of interesting scenarios which prompted me to seriously consider 1) what information I shared with the public via blogs & social media, and 2) the perception of me that a total stranger would get if they only judged me based on the content and appearance of my blog. Since 2007 this blog has been home to a wide variety of subjects, ranging from political opinions to Bible word studies to pictures of myself at Star Trek: The Experience.

I have changed a lot since 2007 and my decision was to convert every post back to "draft," effectively starting my blog anew. So this is my *new* first post, yay! Why start over? What will I post now? How will it be different from before? Well, for those of you who judge a blogger by his blog, I don't seriously think you will make an exception for me. So I'm over it. I am going to post what I feel like and you can rest assured that there is more to Glenn Hendrickson than is made available to the public on here.

Okie dokie, here we go! *flies off into the sunset*